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Jo - 9687

I’ve been reading for family and friends for over 10 years. During lockdown, I had time to dedicate to my Tarot practice. I received such lovely feedback about the accuracy of my readings and how the readings have enabled people to think about their issues from different angles, often resulting in them making better choices or being more certain of their next steps. So, I know my readings can make a difference for people, and I decided to offer my Tarot reading services to a wider audience working with people professionally. I work with a range of card decks and use my intuition to guide me in my readings. From a young age, my empathy was evident to others. I could understand how others felt, but also I could often physically feel how they felt. I was often told I was ‘wise beyond my years’ or I ‘had been here before’ and people felt able to talk to me. I was in my 20s when I received my first Tarot deck, and I quickly tuned in to them and used them consistently throughout my life, although it was many years later before I felt confident enough to share readings with others. I started reading with my closest family and then friends and still remain excited about the accuracy of the readings and how they can bring clarity on the way forward. I specialise in all matters related to ‘relationships’, including personal relationships, work relationships, friendships, family, and careers. My tools are my Tarot decks infused with crystal energies and my intuitive abilities. I use my spirit guides to support me in my readings. My readings usually start with 3 cards to define what is going on and get to the heart of the matter, and then I pull another 3 additional cards for clarification, for the next steps, and outcomes. My intuitive abilities really came to the forefront when my children grew up and left home. I often felt emotions or aches and pains that I knew weren’t mine, and when I asked how they were, I realised I was feeling their pain because of my empathic abilities. I then used my Tarot cards to help guide them. I am a Reiki Practitioner and Yoga Teacher and have always worked to support people. PIN 9687

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