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13 reviews

Luna - 8732

I am an intuitive tarot card reader. Since being bought a box of Rider Waite Tarot Cards as a gift several years ago, the tarot has helped me on my own process of healing. Now I wish to share what I have learnt in order to assist others on their souls’ journey. PIN: 8732

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What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

Whether you have a direct question you wish to ask the cards, or even if you don't have a specific question, and are seeking more general insight, I can assist you with either. I will intuitively read the cards and will channel messages in connection to the Divine for your highest good.

Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

I specialise in reading the tarot and will use a variety of decks. I will cleanse the space and will work with crystals to harness light energy.

When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

As an intuitive empath, since childhood I have always navigated the world through sensing, instinctively feeling my way around. After a process of healing and deep inner work, my spiritual practise developed further and I began to study yoga and meditation, dance, tarot, crystal magic, and Tibetan singing bowls. As I developed more confidence, I began to read tarot for my family and friends. I believe that the tarot can be a medium to help us to connect more deeply with ourselves, that which is Divine; that it can provide us with tools to navigate the world and can offer us insight and clarity into our current situations. Ultimately the cards cannot determine or predict the future, you are the only one who has power and the freewill to determine your choices in life. But I believe the tarot can help us to shed light on issues and to help us to reconnect with ourselves, and our desires.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

I am a friendly, empathetic, and compassionate person with an open heart. I believe this will help me to create a nurturing and sacred space where we can work together in love and light.

Recent Reviews Of Luna



Thank you so much Luna for your beautiful reading. You understood my soulmate connection very well and have given me some lovely predictions, which I am sure will come to fruition. I have every faith in you. Until we speak again. Love Stevie x

- Stevie, Norfolk


Spot on

Had a reading with Luna yesterday and she totally picked up on my situation very similarly to other readings I have had. As a Clairvoyant myself I was very impressed by her accuracy and details she had picked up which were spot on. She is very understanding and great listener also. I would highly recommend Luna. I look forward to her predictions and will certainly update her on my situation. Speak soon!

- Lesley, Yorkshire


Superb ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Thank you so much for a very detailed accurate reading! There was no messing around, she was very to the point, really lovely and accurate, so many validations coming through as she was speaking, everything she read was exactly as things had been unfolding so I'm very hopeful and believing that the out come/ predictions will be very accurate! Kind regards, you're amazing ?⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Yd, Uk


Semi correct reading 50/50

50 percent of reading was ? percent accurate 2nd 50 percent of reading was ? percent accurate Anyway I am impressed by her 100 percent accurate reading about the first part of her reading

- Varshini, Blackpool


Amazing Reading

Thank You Luna for your insights and guidance! I'm Working on my shadow side. I also Know about my jealous friends that you are talk about. I'm moving past those relationships as I transition into my new job. I have a cosmic heart and I am a moving prayer! I will hopefully call you back once I meet my new love interest that you described. I will continue to visualize the outcomes I desire because they will help move those mountains! You are amazing! Thank you so much!

- Heather, USA


So confused and very loud reader

- ,



Was adamant it would be 12 days before I heard from my poi well he contacted me the same day I had reading with Luna, lovely lady but her prediction was wrong! I'm glad though

- Anon, Uk


Love reading

Luna is a lovely reader, very accurate, and picked up on everything. Highly recommended

- Van, London



Luna is a brilliant reader and got me totally spot on, so much so I went back for another reading - highly recommended

- Anon, Midlands



Really nice soothing voice thank you

- ,


Love the connection

Iam so sorry Luna we got cut off. However your amazing spot on and brilliant. Thank you for a accurate beautiful reading. Your energy is beautiful❤❤❤

- Amreeta, Australia


Accurate indepth reading

Very indepth and accurate reading picked up on the energy straight away.

- V, London



Fantastic reader, accurate and would recommend

- PM, West Midlands