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Angel Eyes - 8090

Good Day, Namaste and Hello to you all. I hope this finds you well, and if you are drawn here, I imagine it's because you feel ready to seek further knowledge, clarity and wisdom about yourself, a life situation or a Love issue. I am here to guide you through your situation and help you find what may be holding you back, creating blocks, or making you unsure about how to proceed. I love nothing more than sharing my innate wisdom and naturally healing energy to help others who are looking for a deeper meaning or to move along the path more smoothly. So, if you need help with Life, Love, The Universe or anything else, reach out today and let's take the first steps together to get you moving forward positively with conviction and clarity. I am a sensitive soul and very attuned to other peoples' needs and the things that they need help and guidance with. I have a great level of empathy and compassion and enjoy combining this with my intuitive abilities to assist people in getting to the crux of any issue or query. I am patient, calm, and caring; I just want the best for people. I believe there is good in everyone and beauty all around us. I enjoy many aspects of Spirituality and Culture and have a very eclectic taste in things partly due to my mixed race heritage of Indian, Persian, Pakistani and Irish Birth Parents and then being adopted and raised by an English Family. This has given me a unique and fascinating perspective on life. I love and am affixed to animals, and I feel they are some of the most high-vibrational beings on this Earth. I have a little menagerie of my own, and they will sit with me whenever I do my readings, so they will also send you all their love and guidance. I speak several languages and am very knowledgeable about other cultures, faiths and belief systems, so do feel free to speak to me about any of these if you feel this is where your queries lie. I look forward to connecting with you soon and to helping you in whatever way works best for you. PIN 8090

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Good Day to you all. I do hope that if Serendipity has guided you here, then you are ready to take your next steps in your wisdom and knowledge of your current situation, love relationship, career goals or longer-term plans. I am available for private consultations and love to share my gifts and abilities with you to give you clarity, meaning and knowledge about whatever it is that is puzzling, confusing or worrying you right now, even if you feel positive but just need some confirmation, please feel free to come and find clarify. I am naturally empathic, caring, compassionate and have a gentle approach with a supportive nature. I combine my skills in Counselling and spiritual Root Cause Healing with my Psychic abilities to offer you a tailored and unique perspective.