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Luna - 7019

Hello, I’m Luna, a tarot and oracle card reader. I’m here to offer you guidance whether you're facing challenges in love, relationships, career or family matters. No question is too big or too small. As a compassionate and empathetic reader, I am committed to creating a supportive and empowering environment and helping you navigate life's challenges with clarity and insight. PIN 7019

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What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

When you call for a Private Consultation with me, you can expect a personalised and insightful experience tailored to your unique needs and concerns. During our session, I will draw upon my years of experience and intuitive abilities to provide you with clarity, guidance, and empowerment. Whether you're seeking insight into love and relationships, career decisions, or personal growth, I will work with you to explore the messages and insights revealed through the cards. You can trust that our consultation will be conducted in a safe, non-judgmental space where you can freely express yourself and explore your deepest questions and concerns. I am here to listen with compassion and empathy, offering practical advice and spiritual guidance to help you navigate life's challenges and make informed decisions. By the end of our session, my goal is for you to feel empowered, inspired, and equipped with the insights you need to move forward with confidence and clarity.

Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

My expertise lies in providing intuitive guidance and spiritual insight to support you on your life journey. With a focus on love and relationships, career, and personal development, I specialise in helping clients gain clarity and perspective in areas that are important to them. Utilising powerful tarot cards, I tap into the universal energies to uncover hidden truths, illuminate paths forward, and provide guidance that resonates deeply with each unique situation. The tarot serves as a mirror, reflecting the energies and influences at play in their lives, allowing us to explore potential outcomes and make informed decisions. In addition to tarot, I also incorporate oracle and angel cards into my readings. These cards offer additional insights and messages from the divine realm, providing guidance, support, and inspiration for your journey.

When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

I first became aware of my intuitive abilities during my teenage years when I started noticing a strong connection to my inner voice and a heightened sensitivity to the energies around me. As I delved deeper into exploring spirituality and the metaphysical realm, I began to recognise the signs and symbols that were guiding me along my path. Over the years, I have continued to nurture and develop my intuitive gifts through dedicated practice, study, and personal exploration. I have immersed myself in various spiritual teachings, including meditation, energy healing, and psychic development techniques, to deepen my understanding of the unseen forces at work in the universe. My journey with tarot and intuitive guidance is an ongoing evolution, and I am grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow with each client I encounter.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

In addition to spiritual abilities, skills such as active listening, empathy, intuition and clear communication can complement and enhance the effectiveness of a reading. These skills help in connecting with clients, interpreting tarot symbolism, providing meaningful guidance and navigating sensitive topics with empathy and tact. By developing these complementary skills alongside my spiritual abilities, I can offer more comprehensive and impactful readings to my clients.