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17 reviews

Mardi - 6682

I use the Osho Zen Tarot deck, a very unusual deck with a Zen lesson taught by each card. This overlays very well with the traditional tarot card meanings. My most favoured spreads are The Relationship Spread, which uses 7 cards to clarify how you connect with a person, organisation or situation, The Three Fates which quickly examines Situation, Action and New Situation, and I use The Celtic Cross spread where more detail and insight is needed. I am often asked if I'm a psychic. Of course, I have psychic abilities that I use through the tarot cards. They are my windows to the beyond and a good way of grounding my psychic gifts. I believe everyone has their own set of senses that cannot be understood by anyone without those particular gifts. I reached my perspective on life through a very logical, methodical process. Of course, if you follow any scientific process far enough, you will end up in a place that looks 'mystical' to those who have not been through such a process inside themselves. The inner journey is the one that matters - external events are only a reflection of your own inner process. PIN 6682

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What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

My two main specialities are Relationships and Finances, since these are an expression of that most fundamental of drives - Survival!

Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

People have always sought me out for my calm detachment and my ability to see what is actually in front of me, without emotional confusion. I also have the rare gift of common sense!

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

I have built my gift over time and developed many other skills that assist me, like Life Coaching and NLP. I am also a singer and musician. Many times my musician friends have said to me: Music is life! I always stop them and say: Correction; Life Is MUSIC!

Recent Reviews Of Mardi



Mardi is an excellent 🤩reader, he is stunningly accurate and gives great insights and answers all of your questions.I highly reccomend a reading with this lovely gentleman⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️



Great read

Takes time but genuine read. Honest answers and spot on

- Kate, London



Reading was unclear, Also he mumbles on the phone.

- Anon, UK


slow start

First card was incorrect, the rest was spot on. Quick read straight to the point no time wasting

- Carla, Perth, Australia


A great listener and a lovely reader who helped me a lot with my problem

A really Nice reader. I have been faced with making a difficult life decision and Mardi helped me by spending a long time listening to my concerns and patiently explored every possible path ahead which helped me take what eventually it turned out to be the right decision . I truly recombed this reader if you are going trough a similar process.

- Joanna, Bradford


Amazing reader

The absolute accuracy was astounding! I am a reader myself and nobody has read me or my situation like he just did. Highly recommended. 10⭐️all day long. Nothing wishy washy about him. Thank you so much. Sorry I got cut off xxx

- jennifer Paterson, Eastbourne


Spot on

He's reading was accurate picking up on my situation around with work and other bits and predicting on forward. Then about a certain romantic interest and he was able to give me some insight and predict forward on to the near future. Thank you so much! You have a lovely way of reading!

- YD, Uk



Mardi provided a relaxed and accurate reading. Thank you for helping Mardi.

- Jaid, UK



He doesn't give a reading, just saying a couple of words that don't mean anything So wishy-washy

- Ann, Uk


Not for me

Nice enough blike but repeated himself a lot .didnt really give me anything .I kept saying I know but what is this what is that and again he repeat himself so I ended call

- Jenny, London


Absolutely Beautiful Reader

Amazing!! picked up on POI and their issues surrounding them thru work! Absolutely Spot on, Mardi is a genuine, calming, soft spoken Man, who does not tell you What You Want to Hear, He actually tells you what is around for one to make their own choice. He is incredible and being from a Male Point, he was a Godsend!

- PLEASE POST!!!, Me from Australia


Not great

Felt like he did not give much detail, repetitive

- Pree, Birmingham


second call as remembered Mardi gave a good first reading

Practical, direct snd insightful. He was able to summarise quite aptly my complex long distance relationship and reassured me on some concerns I have. Both through messenger. would recommend.

- Victoria, London


Lovely, calming reader

Feel so much calmer .. Helpful re timings and what the other person going through. Steps to take moving forward. Really helpful to clarify what my next moves are. Comforting. Thank You.



Prediction came to light ❤️

- Sn, London


Genuine reader

I have posted a review before but it wasn't posted. Mardi was a very professional tarot reader.He got my situation spot on. I found he was a much better tarot reader than some readers who have many more reviews. I will be calling Mardi again. He just needs to be given a chance.

- N, London


Too much fuss over doing a general read, not for me

- ,


Thank you for a lovely reading. I'm an intuitive myself and can tell when a reader is pushing their “wisdom” onto clients. This is not the case at all! Mardi is open, caring, attentive and totally objective. I would highly recommend Mardi. Thank you

- Anna, Poland