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Vinny de Logum - 6626

I am a Brazilian Psychic, proficient in English, Spanish and Portuguese. As an Astrologer, I can provide you with a long-term reading of your perspectives; as a Tarot reader, using my own system of cards, I will give you the answers that seemed to be locked - I am the key to open the box of beautiful solutions. As a Babalawo, I am able to communicate with ancient gods and goddesses, spirits and ancestors and, with that, to give you a beautiful, colourful view of your spirituality and provide you with a wonderful approach to the most complex situations. Call me, and let me show you those wonderful guidelines. PIN 6626

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There are not many readers with the level of experience and knowledge that I have, not because I am better than them, but because I have lots of good experiences and many years of dedication. I have been in the divination arts for over 40 years. I started with a humble tarot deck, and nowadays, I have my own Tarot card system. Not only that, but I can offer an original approach to any problem, a large amount of optimism combined with good sense and a real approach to prediction and very accurate predictions. I also communicate with angels, spirits and potencies from the surroundings to help my customers as much as I can through Búzios, an ancient oracle brought by Africans to Brazil in the colonial years. It is a poetry and a celebration of existence. I know when a person calls me, it is because they need help: I am here for them.