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Luna Moonwitch - 5967

I am a certified white witch, providing item-based psychic readings for clear questions and topics since 2011. I am excited to bring my services to this awesome platform and share my abilities with you. Explore the variety of services I offer, and if they resonate with you, come prepared with your questions. I will deliver the plain truth of what I see, so be ready to hear it. Remember, the clearer and more specific your questions are, the more accurate your answers will be. PIN 5967

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When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

From a young age, I felt an unexplainable connection to the unseen. This intuition blossomed with guidance from my family of white witches and mentors across the globe. Through dedicated study and exploration of various esoteric practices, I continue to refine my abilities and offer insightful readings.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

My background in psychotherapy complements my intuition, allowing me to provide a holistic and supportive reading experience. This, coupled with my qualifications in related fields, fuels my mission to bridge the gap between the esoteric and scientific. By exploring the synergy between traditional practices and modern understanding, I aim to empower clients on a deeper level.

What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

In our private consultations, I collaborate with you to craft a reading tailored to your specific needs and questions. Unlike a generic fortune-telling approach, this allows for a deep dive into the areas of your life that matter most. My private consultations offer a safe and discreet space for a collaborative journey tailored to your specific needs. By sharing details or questions that weigh on your mind, I can leverage my diverse skillset, including intuition, esoteric knowledge, and even my background in related fields, to offer insightful guidance on love, career, or personal growth. The more focused the inquiry, the deeper the insights we can uncover together.

Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

Drawing upon a wealth of esoteric knowledge and sacred tools, I specialize in clairvoyance and mental mediumship, offering readings and guidance on a wide range of life topics. I utilize crystal gemstone divination, runes, and spells and interpret messages through over 350 tarot and oracle decks. My expertise extends to numerology, astrology, alchemy, and magical practices, further enhanced by my training as a certified chakra specialist. Additionally, I can perform spiritism, cleanse energies in homes and terrains, and address situations involving regular spirits.

Recent Reviews Of Luna Moonwitch



She picked up on some good things, but the timing of the prediction wasn't quite right.

- Naty, Liverpool


He came back! but not quite what i dreamed of

he came back, your prediction was right but he is changed and ugly now. lol !

- lisa, leeds


Nice lady

She's surely different ,i've got something to learn from her every time

- Annette, Australia


spot on

oddly accurate especially uncovering my past . hope you're as accurate for the future as well ,but ill let you know for sure xx

- Rox, Sussex



She's a bit rude. I told her that what she was saying wasn't accurate and didn't resonate. Her response was "well, that's what the cards say. So...hang up." I wasn't rude to her. I'm shocked. She needs to remember who the paying customer is. Please have a discussion with this Reader, TP. It's really unacceptable.

- Ally, Portsmith


perfect prediction

he texted me , thank you xx kate art class.

- Kate, uk


Not clearly spoken

Difficult to understand as not clearly spoken, have had better reading with other readers

- Alison , London



She doesn't articulate or enunciate her words well. Luna need to learn to speak more clearly.

- Jon, London




- Chris , London



You are like an angel , guided me back into my love's arms. Thank you !

- Gyl, uk


Thankyou Lovely lady

Thankyou lovely lady 100 Stars this lady has a wonderful Special gift To share with the world . She has given me the right guidance that came from the universe. Lydia xx❤

- Lydia, England


A true healer

Thank you darling for helping me !

- Lisa, UK



What an outstanding accurate reader havent come across one like her in a long time. Just unbelievable excellent cant express this enough she is just something else!! I suggest u all take a read with her she is just amzaing shamazing!

- Shaz, Leeds


She called

Bless u!

- Ronny, Londn


Amazing, lovely voice

You amazed me ! How accurate could you actually read my past , you're just lovely. However the future reading problem is that he called me earlier and I wasn't prepared but at least he did, as you said

- Kat, Uk



Please post! Saw the reviews and chose this reader, she was great at the beginning and picking up issue but very vague regarding the near and distant future,

- Jo, Uk


My Angel

She is above 5 star for me so happy to have her we spoke for hours and I love how accurate this lady is plus she is so gentle her voice is like Angel thank you so much for the reading I cannot express how much I appreciate you and the thanks for the clarity you gave me ❤️? lots of love and light xx

- Katerina, Wales UK


Accurate love reading

Very accurate, lovely person

- Jane, London


Accurate love reading

She helped me a lot ,uncovering the truth behind my ex husband behavior . The readings were accurate as she knew without me telling her a lot of details. Thank you sweetie !

- Marcy, London