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Aattram - 5909

As your spiritual advisor, I am here to help you find the answers you're looking for in all areas of your life. I bring years of experience as a psychic advisor and tarot reader, having possessed esp abilities and experienced mysticism since childhood. Throughout my life, spirits have contacted me to convey important messages, and I feel it is my destiny to share my gifts with you. PIN 5909

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What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

I offer a range of services, including psychic readings, clairvoyance, clairaudience, tarot readings, ESP, RV, mediumship (only when spirits contact me), and past life connections (the law of karma).

When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

More than 20 years ago, I became conscious of my spiritual abilities, but since I was a child I have been experiencing them. For the last 7 years, I have consciously and continuously been developing those gifts.

What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

I've been working as an advisor for 7 years now and it has been a fulfilling experience helping people make important decisions in their lives. I'm also a coach and philosophical counselor, and I find joy in guiding individuals toward their goals and aspirations. On a personal note, I'm a vegetarian, non-smoker, and abstainer, which aligns with my beliefs in leading a healthy lifestyle. During my free time, I like to take long walks in the forest, engage in sports, read or listen to music, and write poems. It's essential to have a balance between work and leisure, and I believe in making the most of my time by doing things that nourish my body and soul and have a direct impact on the quality of my sessions. I approach our conversations with directness, empathy, non-judgmental support, and honesty.

Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

My goal is to assist you in finding solutions to your questions in all areas of your life, also past life. With years of experience as a psychic advisor and tarot reader, I have fine-tuned my abilities since childhood. My spiritual gifts allow me to communicate with spirits who entrust me with significant messages. I genuinely believe that helping people like you is my life's purpose. I use different methods, that I believe synchronize with you and are spontaneous most of the time (come naturally through different channels) for me to share with you. Psychic reading and tarot cards, mediumship are the main ones. You can depend on my reliability and trustworthiness. Allow me to assist you in discovering the answers you seek.

Recent Reviews Of Aattram



what an absolutely amazing reading . wow incredible , accurate and kind and caring thank you

- a, South east



Truly gifted.

- Stargazer , London



Mmazing love the reading prddiction happen thankyou

- Special and amazing esp, Surrey


10 stars…..

Amazingly accurate reading with very quick answers to questions with finer details also explained. Thank you for an amazing reading

- Donna, U.K.


Very Good

Attaram is such a nice lady with a warm energy and incredibly gifted at what she does.

- John , UK


Tunes in quickly

Tunes in quickly, helpful insights, straightforward and very easy to talk to :) thank you, fingers crossed!

- S, UK



Attaram is a brilliant reader, tunes in very well and doesn't ask any questions, just floes with information. Lovely to talk to as well.

- Bob, Everywhere