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48 reviews

Selene - 3198

I have over 20 years experience. I integrate my spiritual psychic abilities with the Tarot, Oracle cards and the Runes. Through my readings I offer my valued callers non-judgemental insight and clarity. Through insight and clarity the caller will be able to see that there are options and choices that will empower the callers to see a way forward. PIN: 3198

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Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

I specialize in career, love, relationships readings, and also readings that focus on personal spiritual development readings. The tools I use in my readings are the tarot, oracle cards and runes. I find that with my guides the tarot, oracle cards and runes help to build a connection in the reading, helping to provide insight and clarity in any given situation that is problematic, while at the same time assisting personal and spiritual growth.

When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

I became aware of my spiritual abilities from a very young age. I would often have very vivid dreams and pick up on energies around people and buildings. As I got older I further developed and channelled my spiritual abilities when I was introduced to the tarot decks. The tarot decks through its symbology represent the everyday human experience and also the intuitive psychic spiritual experience. I learned a lot from the Hermetic and Rider Waite tarot decks. I still continue to study different tarot decks to gain new insights, inspiration and develop new spiritual skills.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

I am a good listener, empathic and non judgemental.

Recent Reviews Of Selene


Excellent Reader

Quick n accurate Gave a genuine reading which gave me peace of mind Well done 👍✅

- Dr Varshini , Blackpool


Very good

This kind and softly-spoken lady is the real deal. She gets straight in there and provides clear and accurate insights. A couple of reviewers have mentioned that she sometimes pauses. I found this to be a good thing - she is making sure she is getting the right answer, rather than saying the first thing that comes into her head, which some readers do. Five stars, no question.

- Nick, Southampton


No connection

She was not able to connect.

- Paul, Brighton



I read her reviews.they looked good. So picked her. To be told she did not do general reading

- Helen, Sussex



Very vague and extremely slow.

- Anthony, Bath


Good but really slow!

Lovely lady but really really slow and hard to get the information out of her. She is and excellent listener but took super long

- J, London



Selene, she tuned into my situation quickly and gave a great reading. Highly recommended.

- Zoe, Uk



spoke to you liturlly 1hr ago he R asked to see me how crazy is that you said he call within 8hrs lets hope it goes okay

- r, nill


Wow Super amazing

Selene was so spot on , her reading was exactly what had happened to me ! And she read it without asking any questions of me … so so so accurate! Thank you Selene x x

- ,



very accurate reader and very pleasant to speak to. gave lots of information and dates. will have to wait and see the outcome but happy with the reading.

- , u.k.



Bit of a strange reading will have to wait and see if any of it happens, I will be surprised if it does, but stranger things have happened,

- M, UK



Very nice person and picked up my situation.

- ,



no fishing, super straight, kind and wise. I extended the time because she ws very accurate in terms of reading my situation both personal and professional. Works for me, I will call back in a few months and hope to reach her. Thank you

- Caro, London



Without asking any question, Celene saw through the smallest details of my situation, helped me stay positive through the time I might have made a mistake . Thank you Celene ❤️

- ,


True psychic

I like saline she was very good had me and my ex worked out and said things only I knew and in line with other 5 star readers

- ,



Tried hard - but no connection with me unfortunately.

- Jon, Leeds


Lovely Reader

Very good accurate reader would recommend

- PM, West Midlands


Amazing Details

She was amazing at picking up specific details. She picked up on my POI and provided clarification I needed to be patient and understanding. I highly recommend her. Be prepared to ask specific questions and she will proved detailed answers! I believe everything she said is coming to pass. Thank You so much!!!

- Heather, USA


Very unsenstive

Please publish. Very rude lady . Had some good readings with her then she put the phone down on. Me. Will never take to her again

- A, South


Accurate . Lovely lady, very calm

First time caller.. Spot on. Selene has given me hope & I'm taking her advice :) Thank you for your reassurance. I enjoyed the reading. Let's hope it all works out perfectly. Recommended. Do call Selene

- Nikki, Kent



Really good reading game me alot of info with out getting any information.. she did all the work herself.. highly recommend

- H, Midlands


Thank you

This is my second reading from this lady. Her prediction about a POI was the same as the last time we spoke. She tells you what she sees, straight to the point, without wasting precious minutes. I will be calling back as o had to cut the call short. Thank you, you calmed my anxiety and gave me hope. C xx Ps she validated two things in her reafing, so I know she picked up on my situation perfectly.

- Catherine, Uk



Selena really knows her stuff. No questions lots of information. Shes not been wrong so far 5 stars

- terri, North LONDON


Excellent Reader

No question asked, only my name and bang on! She picked up everything from my life and her reading flowed. Amazing! I'll come back when her prediction has happened. I am sure they will come to pass. I'll reach out to Selene again. Thanks.

- Anuradha, UK


Lovely and positive

I love my readings with Selene, she's always positive, has great insight, is softly spoken and very reassuring.

- ,


Not great

Sorry to say but Selene is not a chirpy reader. She wasn't rude like some reader's but seemed disinterested and bored. She gave good information but might have been guessing as didn't come across as a true phycic

- Jennifer, London



I was very upset, at the time of reading. She was very calming. Hit upon how I was feeling and the reason behind it. I would call again Thank you

- alex, Kent


Thankyou Selene for a very quick and detailed reading. Xxx

- , Australia


Something special

There is definitely something special about Selene. She picks up things in such detail and gets to the root of the problem quickly. She's kind, compassionate and sweet. I don't think my words do her justice. Xxx

- A, Brum


Not Good

DIdn't stay on the phone for more than 5 mins... she was slow, lots of pauses, seemed like she was trying to get her bearings, and didn't know where to lead the reading without prompts.

- Reviewer,


Lovey reader

Consistent with other readings, goes into detail, will see if prediction happens, thank you

- ,


Even tho Selene's prediction never manifested, however I still goes to her for reassurance when my reader of choices are offline. Reasons being that... I don't feel she's generic and she has this peaceful energy and is soft spoken. Her readings are similar to the top readers and she doesn't waste my time... she goes right in and does her job. Also I like how she is non-judgemental. Thank you Selene.

- ,


You are absolutely fabulous. Thank you so much for reading for me. I love how you deliver your messages from spirit. Stay well. Love from girl in Scotland xxxx

- , Scotland


Omg wow

Just had reading with Selene just amazing knew what I was thinking got things spot on , such a lovely lady will definitely be calling back thanks Selene xx

- Debs, Scotland


Go's to the point straight away

First time reading she got to the point straight away she doesn't waste your time waiting for prediction will leave up date thanks

- R, London


I like her

Reading flows, full of information. I will update on predictions. Thank you xx

- C,


Tuned in immediately

She's very gifted, doesn't waste time. Read my situation perfectly. Highly recommended. Thank you.

- Georgina, Australia


Lovely reader

You were patient and professional with me, even though I was emotional and impatient for answers due to my funds running out. You brought me some reassurance which I'm grateful for. The only thing I would feedback is that you were a little too chilled out and slow to find your words, so I found myself getting frustrated in moments. Overall I found you to be helpful, thank you. N

- ,


Lovely Lady

I had a great reading. Selene tuned into my situation and offered some hope and advice. Very wise lady. Thank you xxx

- J, uk


Thank you

Selene is a lovely lady with a nice calming,reassuring manner,got straight to the point with the questions i asked and went a lot deeper about a man i liked and she said the same thing i was thinking about him 2 years+ ago,my first impression of him she was spot on,plus another who was telling lies about his status,again she came to the same conclusion and another man,whom i thought did'nt like me,but again she went into depths of how he really felt,which turned out to be in a positive light,i will update Thank you

- ,


Really good

I really enjoyed my reading, information flowed. Really nice calm lady, unfortunately I got cut off. I'll be back if predictions materialise. Thank you x

- N, Uk


Genuine reader

I've spoken to Selene twice now and predictions the same , she remembered we'd spoken before , which impressed me . To the point no waffling .

- Sue, Gloucestershire



Lovely person to speak too. Straight to the point no messing about or time wasting. Genuine reader and a pleasure all round. I will be counting the weeks to the job change xx

- Sandra, Uk



Selene is a lovely person to speak too. I asked her questions around my POI and she was able to pick up on the situation. Even picked up on something that other readers did not. Overall I enjoyed my reading and felt positive afterwards

- Emmanuella, UK



very quick call straight to the point very happy thank you xx

- pauline,


Great reading

Very quickly picked up all the details of my situation and patiently answered my questions.

- ,



Deep connection on a level with the top readers on here. Gives lots of detail with no time wasting. Gives very clear answers and direction from her guides and cards. Sugarcoats nothing. You get it as it is, however she is very kind in her delivery. Perfect reading with predictions given by many others on the very same time frame. Get your reading in quick because she is going to get very very busy.

- Juliet, London



This lady is brilliant to speak to. Would thoroughly recommend her

- , UK


Comforting reading

Thank you Selene for your lovely reading. I can not express how much your empathetic and non-judgemental reading has helped xxx

- Jennifer, Eastbourne


very good straight forward and genuine psychic

I spoke with Selene today she gave a lot of information about work and love questions while I only had 9 min left. She connects very well and is very kind and caring. Her predictions are in line with best readers on this site. Blessings and love Selene xxx

- ,


Thankyou Selene. Very quick and accurate reader.

- , Australia