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THERESA - 2852

Hello my name is Theresa I am a gifted tarot reader and psychic, this gift was inherited from my Irish grandmother over the years and I have successfully assisted numerous people which has left them very happy. For a breathtaking and enlightening reading please contact Theresa PIN NUMBER 2852

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What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

I feel that you would benefit from my reading as I have helped many clientsfrom all walks of life for many years .I want you to feel uplifted and more positive after your reading , let me give you the strength to move forward in any situation I enjoy offering guidance and choices to help empower the client to gain clarity.

Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

Specialising in Love, relationships and career. I hold the ability to connect with both the client and their partner to ensure clarity in any situation. I use my guides to help me set people back onto the correct path who have lost direction. I want to show you that by making small changes can lead to great happiness and a more fulfilling life.

When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

I initially became aware of my Natural Psychic ability as a young child. I am from an Irish background which is where I inherited my physic gift from my grandmother who was an original Romany .

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

I am a gifted tarot reader and psychic, this gift was inherited from my Irish grandmother over the years and I have successfully assisted numerous people which has left them very happy. For a breathtaking and enlightening reading please contact me.

Recent Reviews Of THERESA


Very good

Spot on I was really surprised.Thank you.

- N, London



Vague and generic reading on messenger

- J, Uk


Typing no response

Took too long said got disconnected but still typing no apology

- Alison Bucknall, England


Took to long to respond

I had my reading via the messenger and even though it was nice to hear and get an answer to some of my questions she takes way too long to reply. I had to end the chat because she was not replying to my last question. Just wasting my minutes.

- Ziko, UK



Spoke on messenger. Took ages to respond so I ended the chat as it was using minutes with no answers. Very vague responses. Could have applied to anyone. Didn't pick up on the fact that my POI is married and other key things missed too. Not for me I'm afraid

- Sarah, Rushden


Amazing reader spot on

- Ree, Uk


In safe hands

Straight to the point, no waffle, no wasting minutes, delivered with care and compassion but no sugar coating either. One of my go to's!!

- Sue, UK


Compassionate and Empathetic Reader

She is very sweet and kind. very talented and skilled. lovely lady, spoke in chat, gave good answers to all questions, without bad mouthing anyone was wonderful thanks

- PRANAV, Midlands



Lovely lady to talk to but unfortunately her predictions didnt come to fruition. Disappointing.

- Mcc, UK8


My go-to reader :-)

Had several reading with Theresa She is amazing she is always consistent and spot on truly gifted, caring and genuine. Much blessings and love

- ,


She's amazingly on point

She picked up on things and people she possibly couldn't have without having a spiritual gift- even the initial of names! Would definitely recommend.

- Celina, London


Spot on made my day

You sounds so calm.. omg I am so glad you answered .. thanks .. I feel better much much better xoxoxo

- , Australia


True Psychic :-)

Another amazing reading, sorry I run out minutes so wanted to thank you with this review for your uplifting reading and validations will be back shortly when things unfold and will work on getting some patience in the meanwhile :D Theresa is amazing, kind and truly gifted you will immediately know by her validations and what she will tell you. Blessings and lights xx

- ,


Amazing reader, true psychic !!

picked up very quickly on my situation, had few minutes left due to line being busy and the wait but she managed to answer my questions with clarity. Theresa is spot on and connect very quickly and very nice to talk to. You will not be disappointed with her give her a call and you will see :-) Thank you Therese for your help today, sorry we were cut off sending you lot of blessings and love xxx

- ,


Great Communication

I had a short read with Theresa yesterday and my time ran out and I couldn't re-charge in time. We didn't get to finish and I wanted to thank you for your time and energy. Theresa is a beautiful warm and caring reader and although you shocked me with what was said I am pretty sure you were spot on and I thank you for your honesty and helping me out. I will wait to speak to you again. This lovely lady has a gift and isn't just a card reader. Give her a call, she is very good. Blessings to you Theresa.

- Tan, Launceston Aust



Thank you for unequivocally saying you feel strongly that there is a future. I am hoping so and it was good to hear your insight into the situation. Many thanks..

- Lyn, o/s


Fantastic 100% Accurate

Connected with Theresa and I asked about love life and she picked up on someone around me instantly. She's very honest in her approach to the situation and tells you how she sees it. Very honest reader. Give her a try.

- N, Australia



Great reading . Thank you .

- ,



Thank you Theresa for your great guidance.

- Libran, Home


Very good indeed

Thank you for tapping in and telling me I need patience. Should be my middle name!!! So looking forward to hearing from him in 4 weeks /days... Thanks Theresa.

- Lyn, o/s



Really lovely to talk to Theresa has given me a lot of help and guidance and a listening ear. All what I've really needed during this time. Has been spot on with my situation and is always consistent. Thank you so much xx

- V,



She is amazing and very positive true reader great connection 100 percent genuine psychic

- Stella, London


100% SPOT ON

I had a reading a couple of days ago and Theresa was 100% SPOT ON with m reading. She has helped me to overcome an extreme difficulty. I just wanted to say thank-you very much for your spiritual guidance and help in enabling me to move forward for the better, not worse. You are nothing short of amazing, thank-you Theresa, your a star!

- Charlene, London


Thank you

Spot on, great advice, can't thank you enough

- Ckaire, Edinburgh


Comforting Reading

I was very tearful when I came on phone but left happy and positive. Beautiful person very spirited. Understood me and situation. Made me feel better. Could speak to her all day. She is more than a friend.

- ,



Amazing! Picked up everything so accurately it was scary! Why does this lady not have more reviews? Excellent x

- Anon,


True psychic

have spoken to her twice and didnt let her know that fact. Her reading didnt deviate it remained the same.Truly gifted

- T, UK


M yorks

Thank you for what was the best reading ! So much help and info. Will be back

- ,


Spot on

I asked for a general reading, just to see if she could pick up on the situation. She got it straight away, in depth details of what has been worring me. I was extremely amazed. Real deal.. I look forward to the future folding out as discussed. Thank you much Teresa, will speak again x

- Kirsten, Australia


Lovely lady !

Very lovely and calm and didn't ask any questions. Saw similar things to top readers

- ,


Real psychic

Teresa is a real psychic with a true gift. Shes not a tarot reader who just randomly learnt the cards . I would recommend her highly

- ,



Straight to the point and accurate reading! Has answers to all the questions! Thanks:)

- Eve,


Gifted, precise and honest

Thanks for my reading Theresa, you just knew exactly what was going on in seconds. It was refreshing to come through to someone who is the real deal!

- Simone, Uk


Caring ear

Lovely speaking to Theresa was like talking to family. Very supportive. Picked up on the problem

- J, Cumbria


Good connection -

Lovely lady who has a good connection and able to pick up details that validate her reading. Thank you for the helpful info and encouragement. Quality reader with specific details.

- Lyn, Oz


8 th Nov

I do not know why this lady hasnt got more reviews ! Very good reading , picked up everything ! Thank u xx

- Carol, Notts


It7#;21&8s an honor

It7#;21&8s an honor to read good quality content like you have written here. You have proven your true writing talent and presented your views well.

- Marlien, jfDDv3Qz