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The abilities of clairempaths and clairsentients are thought to be amongst the most common of the clair senses. This is because we use our emotions on a daily basis to guide us with our decision making. Our emotions are very useful tools when it comes to connecting with other people. Those who have been gifted with either of these abilities tend to be those who are naturally sensitive and empathetic; it’s only natural that these traits manifest in a way that goes beyond the physical. Being able to sense or feel the emotions of other people is very important; if you’re unable to read a person’s emotions on a basic level, it can lead to a lot of unnecessary misunderstandings.

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The Difference Between Clairempathy and Clairsentience

When it comes to distinguishing the differences between clairempathy and clairsentience, it’s pretty simple. Clairsentients are able to sense the emotions and feelings of other people and spirits; however, a clairempath will also be able to experience these thoughts and feelings for themselves. It’s not uncommon for a clairempaths to feel nausea, lethargic, and genuinely demotivated if someone around them is living this experience. While it’s useful for a psychic to have a full understanding of what someone is going through, clairempathy can be extremely draining for the user. If clairempaths spend time within large crowds, they may experience rapid mood changes as their energy connects with those around them.



Clairsentience and the Spirit World

Some would argue that clairsentients are more attuned to the nature of energy. While they cannot live through the experiences of others, they’re fully able to distinguish between the different types of energies that surround them. This makes the ability of clairsentience very useful when it comes to mediumship. Due to their high level of sensitivity, clairsentients can pick up on the emotions of a spirit and by doing so, they’re able to get a glimpse into that person’s past. So, while the difference between clairempathy and clairsentience appears to be small, when you take a deeper look, you can see how the application of these abilities may not be so similar after all.

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Affordable Psychic Readings on the Phone

If you want to connect with one of our sensitive psychics, now’s the time to do so. Our psychic line is one the cheapest that you’ll ever find and all of the psychics we have online are well-equipped to give you an impeccable reading. Our clairempaths and clairsentients will connect with you in a way that other psychics cannot. While all of our spiritual consultants are empathetic, none are able to resonate with your spirit like these readers can. If what you want is for someone to listen to you and gently guide you through your problems, our world-class psychics online are perfect for you.

Which Reader will You Speak to Today?

We recommend that you choose your reader online before calling into our service. This way you are free to read the profiles of our professional Psychic readers and have the opportunity to explore the thousands of reviews left by our satisfied customers. Our list of psychic readers below automatically refreshes every 30 seconds - if you don't see your favourite reader immediately available, simply leave this page open; they should be available shortly.
Psychic Reader Tesfa


PIN: 1226

Reviews: 1

I am an Empath and Tarot reader with over twenty years of experience in assisting people to find clarity and hope through the use of The Golden Dawn Magical Tarot and my empathic connection to the things we cannot see. PIN: 1226

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Psychic Reader Psychic Katie

Psychic Katie

PIN: 3107

Reviews: 167

I have many years experience in tarot card reading. I am naturally a very intuitive person and I connect using voice vibration. I also have the ability to connect with spirits and how to interpret the messages I receive from them. I meditate frequently to keep my abilities on top form. PIN: 3107

View my full profile
Psychic Reader Liz


PIN: 6705

Reviews: 0

I have over 20 years’ experience in Psychic, clairvoyant, crystal ball, Tarot and angel cards. I’m kind, caring, compassionate and non-judgmental. I have been aware of my gift as a young girl from a background of psychic’s who passed me their gifts. I also counsel as well as live coach at well women’s centre. I specialise in love, relationships and career. PIN: 6705

View my full profile
Psychic Reader John


PIN: 7126

Reviews: 17

I offer a passion of listening to understand the person I'm speaking to, using my spiritual gifts and best advice for the questions asked. My expertise is using all my gifts and opening up to each question and getting the questions answered through readings and being open to spiritual gifts. I also spend a time of reflective silence and thought before I start and I'm a very spiritual person. PIN: 7126

View my full profile
Psychic Reader Mystic Will

Mystic Will

PIN: 9616

Reviews: 10

I have over 40 years of experience having bought my first deck of Tarot in 1976. I was also taught by renowned clairvoyant Estella, based in Margate, Kent in the 1980s. When I read for you, I will interpret the cards to give insight on love, career and the spiritual forces at work in your life with pointers which you are free to follow or not follow. PIN: 9616

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Busy For 5 Minutes
Psychic Reader Lilyfire


PIN: 1080

Reviews: 23

I am able to do tarot and astrology. I use guides of Angels and Gods and Goddesses. I am a clairvoyant. Read aura. I was born with these gifts of psychic abilities I offer you compassion and empathy. I am non judgemental. I offer positive vibes and blessings. I specialise in love and relationships, from partner to family, friend or work. I also deal with luck. I use my psychic abilities to find the right tools to assist you with your journey. PIN: 1080

View my full profile
Busy For 13 Minutes
Psychic Reader Liz


PIN: 2602

Reviews: 58

Hello I am Liz. I work with a higher intelligence to bring you positive and clarity filled readings. I work in a natural and open way to bring you the very best readings. I have been reading tarot for 20 years and have grown considerably. Spirit is always around me allowing me to provide you with a detailed reading. PIN: 2602

View my full profile
Busy For 46 Minutes
Psychic Reader Sol


PIN: 1038

Reviews: 39

I have always had a deep interest in Flower Essence Healing and the tribal teachings from the Amazonian Rainforest. I started to read the Tarot cards in my twenties, when I was interested in Buddhism and Yoga. Now that I am in my forties, married, with 3 kids, I wish to assist people to access their innate joy, beauty and creativity through the insight of the Tarot. The Tarot cards I believe, reflect back to us what lies beneath the surface of our conscious mind. PIN: 1038

View my full profile
Busy For 25 Minutes
Psychic Reader Passion


PIN: 2000

Reviews: 16

I have been on a spiritual journey for many years, which lead me to tarot two years ago. I read the cards through intuition, whilst connecting with the Divine spiritual beings. I trust in my Spirit beings to give me clarity and confirmation of any uncertainties. PIN: 2000

View my full profile
Busy For 23 Minutes
Psychic Reader Shine


PIN: 2770

Reviews: 0

I have been aware of my spiritual gifts from a very young age. I have over 30 year’s experience. My intuition and guides are happy to be of service and assist you to find your own inner peace. I offer clear clarity with a professional insight. I feel your energy though your voice. I am a great listener and non-judgemental for all areas of life. I am also a healer and reiki master. PIN: 2770

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Busy For 1 Minute
Psychic Reader Vicky


PIN: 3774

Reviews: 4

I am a psychic medium that has seen and heard spirit all my life. I have worked with spirit for the last 20 years perfecting my skills. I can offer an insightful, compassionate reading, that will answer your questions. I can answer questions on family, love and relationships, career advice, or general reading, to see what the universe has in store. I use tarot or angel cards with the help of spirit. PIN: 3774

View my full profile
Busy For 43 Minutes
Psychic Reader Iyan


PIN: 8606

Reviews: 0

My abilities include clairvoyance and astral projection - that’s how I communicate with the spirit to give you the best answers. I have four years of face-to-face tarot reading experience and I also did readings in many venues. I can offer clarity and insight for my callers’ situations and a judgemental free environment in which they can feel comfortable to talk about themselves. PIN: 8606

View my full profile

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