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Clairalience and Clairgustance Readings

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The psychics that we have on our cheap phone service never disappoint, especially when it comes to delivering information about the future. Our clairalient and clairgustant readers are remarkable; while these gifts are not as well-known as something like clairvoyance, they’re astounding nonetheless. We’re very proud of the team we’ve been able to put together at Trusted Psychics USA. Our readers possess all sorts of skills, so, if you’re looking to get the most detailed and insightful reading, you’ve come to the right place.

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Clairalient readers are able to use their supernatural sense of smell to pick up on all sorts of things. These specialists are able to smell things of a spiritual nature, by doing so, they can source all sorts of information about those who reside in the spirit world. Clairalience, also known as clear-smelling gives these psychics the ability to smell spirits and other odours that are not present in their immediate surroundings. Those who have been blessed with this gift often report smelling the scent of someone who has recently passed. In cases like this, they often pick up on the perfume that the individual most often wore or their favourite foods.



The Gift of Clairgustance

Clairgustance is closely related to clairalience. Clairgustance, otherwise known as clear-tasting, allows a psychic to taste the essence/ impression of a spirit. Similarly, to clairalience, these psychics often describe tasting an individual’s favourite food shortly after their passing. While this ability is used to communicate with those you have lost, some spirits are known to be very playful. Their cheeky innocence can lead to them playing all sorts of tricks on unsuspecting psychic-mediums. While it’s not a common talent in the psychic world, clairgustance can be useful when it has been paired with other future-reading abilities; it’s also not unheard of for law enforcement to bring on a psychic who possesses this ability. Unlike the other psychic senses, clairgustance isn't something that a reader would spend time developing, Instead, it’s something that tends to happen spontaneously, usually when triggered by someone's circumstances.

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Cheap Clear-Smelling and Clear-Tasting Readings

Clairalience and clairgustance are often used by psychic-mediums to confirm that they’ve made a connection with someone in the ethereal plane. By describing someone’s favourite food or what they smelt like is a great way to demonstrate the extent of their abilities. To get the best reading from a clairalient or clairgustant psychic, you must think deeply about the person you wish to establish a connection with.



If you’re looking to get a reading from one of these rare specialists, you’ll be able to find a trusted psychic on our service. These spiritual consultants are ready and available to speak with you at any time. It’s vital that you’re able to connect with one of our psychics whenever you’re in need, so we'll always do our best to ensure that our cheap psychic line is up and running all day, every day.

Which Reader will You Speak to Today?

We recommend that you choose your reader online before calling into our service. This way you are free to read the profiles of our professional Psychic readers and have the opportunity to explore the thousands of reviews left by our satisfied customers. Our list of psychic readers below automatically refreshes every 30 seconds - if you don't see your favourite reader immediately available, simply leave this page open; they should be available shortly.
Psychic Reader Janet


PIN: 2790

Reviews: 201

I am an experienced psychic, tarot card reader, reiki master and angel card reader. I am also a professional clairvoyant medium. I have been conducting readings for over 27 years and I am truly looking forward to connecting with you today. Call me on love, career, finance, family and direction. PIN: 2790

View my full profile
Psychic Reader Yvette


PIN: 1458

Reviews: 118

Hello, my name is Yvette. I am a medium and spiritual healer with over 25 years worth of experience. I am a caring, very spiritual and non judgemental person. I really would like to read for you and provide you with the answers to your questions, or even give you a general reading for the next few months. PIN: 1458

View my full profile
Psychic Reader Scorpion i

Scorpion i

PIN: 8832

Reviews: 1

I specialise in tarot readings that tap into emotions and possible outcomes of my clients letting spirit and connection guide. I have had my gift from young and have used it to assist and heal others using tarot readings, crystal bath healing, reiki healing and meditation methods. I work through love and understand that we are all one connected energy and live by the principle that all is mind. PIN: 8832

View my full profile
Psychic Reader Bonnie


PIN: 6597

Reviews: 51

My Spiritual abilities are claircognisant, tarot reader, pendulum divination, energy reader. I specialise in love, relationships and career readings. I became aware of my abilities at the age of 13 when I began to sense spiritual energies and predict events in my family. I have been reading the tarot for over 20 years and have read professionally as well as for friends and family. PIN: 6597

View my full profile
Psychic Reader Goldie


PIN: 5484

Reviews: 9

Goldie, Is an Spiritualist Church evidential medium, clairaudient, clairvoyant, clairsentient with over 25 years experience. She specialises in tarot readings in love and career/work readings and has been working on live psychic lines for over 14 years. She is a Professional Astrologer, great listener is non judgmental and sympathetic. Pin 5484

View my full profile
Psychic Reader Jenny


PIN: 2818

Reviews: 71

I have always been psychic from a very young age. I started using my gift 35 years ago.I offer psychic readings using tarot cards lenormand. My spirit guide will guide me to assist you. I specialise in tarot lenormand. I use a crystal ball and pendulum. I am from a very psychic family. I have had my ability from a child. I started doing readings for friends to start with 35 years ago. PIN: 2818

View my full profile
Psychic Reader Destiny


PIN: 7290

Reviews: 0

I was born with psychic abilities and my Ancestors have guided me in assisting others since childhood. I am clairaudient, clairvoyant and have psychic & mediumistic abilities. I have been reading Tarot & Oracle Cards for 7 Years & using Pendulums over a decade. PIN: 7290

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Busy For 4 Minutes
Psychic Reader Zak


PIN: 8865

Reviews: 9

I study Astrology and the arts of our wonderful universe. I have been doing this for over 3 years and feel perfectly acquainted to it, as it is my purpose in life to advise on what the Universe is telling me. I use Astrology, this includes Horoscope readings and analysing star charts and Tarot cards when needed be. PIN: 8865

View my full profile
Busy For 33 Minutes
Psychic Reader Bellatrix


PIN: 8019

Reviews: 5

I am a Solitary Eclectic Witch that specialises in Path Finding and Osteomancy. I have always been sensitive to the other world’s energies and influences. You can join me for a personal one on one reading to travel as deep as you wish to go, the darkness has only hope for light. I use my cards, bones, and Runes to dive to the depths of consciousness to find the missing and hidden information so that you can find clarity and comfort regarding all questions and emotions involved. PIN: 8019

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Busy For 5 Minutes
Psychic Reader Gemma Rose

Gemma Rose

PIN: 3033

Reviews: 49

Are you at a crossroad? Do you want to see things more clearly? Let's work together and unearth the positive messages that I can pick up. I work with the angel cards, energy cards and of course the tarot cards. They provide me with crystal clear messages personal to your situation. Let's begin to clear the fog today. PIN: 3033

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Busy For 35 Minutes
Psychic Reader Shauna


PIN: 3743

Reviews: 123

I have worked on the tarot line for over twenty years. I really started getting interested in tarot reading out of curiosity. My main abilities are reading the tarot cards, psychic readings and understanding and feeling peoples dreams. The cards I read are called "The Ryder Waite", cards. Please call me today for a warm and dedicated reading personally for you. PIN: 3743

View my full profile
Busy For 23 Minutes
Psychic Reader Lisa


PIN: 6075

Reviews: 67

I'm a tarot reader & skilled psychic who aims to find the cause of any problem or confusion you may be facing and find a solution to overcome any obstacle to find clarity and peace in your life PIN 6075

View my full profile

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