The Attraction of the Rebel

The war between the ‘nice guy,’ and the ‘bad boy,’ seems to be a never-ending story. However, while most people like to suggest that there is a conflict between these two characters, it’s not a simple as it originally seems. In fact, the concept of the ‘bad boy,’ isn’t something that we totally buy into at Trusted Psychics USA as we believe there is something less sinister going on. Today, we’re going to go over some of the reasons as to why it appears as though women can’t turn their gaze away from the ‘bad boy.’

Before we continue, we’d like to clarify what we mean when we use the term ‘bad boy’; when we say ‘bad boy,’ we’re not referring to lawbreakers or those who seek to mistreat their partners. The term ‘bad boy,’ is actually in reference to guys who go after what they want, unapologetically. This doesn’t mean that they are hostile, it just means that they understand that nothing in life will be given to them. So, if they want something, they must be deliberate and explicit with their actions, something that ‘nice guys,’ don’t do which is why they’re often overlooked when it comes to love.

The age of the woman will also play a role in regard to who she’ll be attracted to. Younger girls are more drawn to guys who may not have their best interest at heart in comparison to the more mature woman. As people grow and experience life, they get a better understanding of their likes and dislikes while getting a better handle on their emotions.

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Why You Keep Falling for Bad Boys

5 Reasons You Fall for ‘Bad Boys’

1. Bad Boys are More Exciting

Due to the fact that ‘bad boys,’ will go after what they want, it also makes them more likely to explore the world and do things that’ll give them a thrill. This lifestyle is very attractive from the outside looking in because it suggests that someone is living a life full of adventure, wonder, excitement. In opposition to this is the ‘nice guy,’ who may not be up for doing things that take him outside of his comfort zone.

2. The Desire to Change Him

The want to mold people into something they’re not is something that many women can get caught up in. Unfortunately, you can’t force someone to become something they’re not, but even if you do, you’ll only turn them into something you may no longer be attracted to anymore.

3. The Thrill of Emotional Unpredictability

This is something that younger women are more prone to falling victim to. When it comes to getting into romantic relationships with a ‘bad boy,’ (casual or long-term) they’re often unpredictable which many girls find exciting. During the moment though, chances are, the girl in question will go against this and suggest that drama is not what she’s looking for. It’s only later on in life will she see that it was the unpredictable nature of the ‘bad boy,’ that kept her interested and guessing as to what’ll happen next.

4. They’re Great in Bed

Needless to say, the ‘bad boy,’ is someone who people believe to have a lot of experience in the bedroom. While this may be true, it’s not always the case; nevertheless, the desire to know what these guys are like under the covers is a question that’ll weigh on the minds of many.

5. Bad Boys Ooze Confidence

‘Bad boys,’ like to live on the edge and they aren’t afraid to be themselves. For the most part, they have a take it or leave it attitude which is something that many people find attractive as they aren’t ashamed to be their true selves. Confidence is something that is very attractive to women, so it’s no surprise as to why they’d have a soft spot for the so-called, ‘bad boy.’

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Why You Keep Falling for Bad Boys

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